Trying to be a Writer

I have told stories from my childhood to my children and grandchildren over the years and everyone always said I should write them down. During my last run at College I took a Creative Writing course and did quite well. This emboldened me to actual try to write a novel.  I spent years of my spare time putting together this grand novel.  To this day it isn’t finished and I would dread for anyone now to see it.

Recently I had this new idea bouncing around in my mind and building characters and backgrounds then Voyager-Harper Collins announced an “Open Submission” for new unpublished works of fiction.  I thought of my new idea. I had it roughly drafted out and a general synopsis written so I thought, Okay let’s see if there is a story in this.

I wrote steadily for over a month and had all my friends help me with proof reading and editing, and then did some more editing. Finally I had it in a full manuscript and correct format and as polished as I could get it.  I submitted it. Then started to wait.

I am still waiting but they moved the reply date from December 2012 to January 2013 so more waiting.  Meanwhile life goes on and setup and started a second novel based on the first.  I felt foolish because I haven’t heard back yet that the first was any good by publisher standards, but my hope just will not let me stop.  I believed in the first story and I loved the characters and I think that they have more to tell.  Hopefully I will eventually find out that someone else liked it too. I started this WordPress site to get the first one out for people to read and comment but so far no one has even looked at it.

I guess I will just have to keep up the faith and work forward hoping someone, somewhere likes one of my stories.

Possible Cover for second novel in Original's Series

Possible Cover for second novel in Original’s Series



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