The Undead Pool:Synopsis!

Best Book Yet! Come see it as it comes to store near you!

So far I have only read Chapter 1-2 and as a lover of the “Hollows” novels I am in love with The Undead Pool!!!

Undead Complete CoverDue out in February 2014



Kim Harrison

Lookie, lookie! The release of THE UNDEAD POOL is months away, but things are starting to happen. No cover yet, but we have a cover synopsis! I don’t think you have to be a member of Goodreads to read the book’s blurb, but you do to register your vote that you want to read it. (It’s not a contest, but it is a vote.)

Thank you, Diva, for finding this.

Oh, and if you_do_ have to be a member to read it, someone tell me so I can copy and paste here, otherwise, go to Goodreads to check it out. Goodreads is one of those reader-based sites I like to support when I can.

Also, if you’re really, really excited, I found this on Amazon last night. No cover synopsis, but it’s progress. THE UNDEAD POOL

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