New Author page on Amazon


About K. Ritchie

New Author trying to get readers and following to support getting and agent and publisher
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  1. New Tidbit from the first draft of sequel book “The Queen”:

    I kept mentally scanning for Jack or Decant as I tore through Halfling after Halfling. Out of bodies, I rose into the air to see how many more Halflings were to be found and saw that I had killed my way to the Flat Rock where Decant lay.
    Sprite was just coming back from what was the camper with water and rags to attend to him.
    “Sprite! I can’t feel or find Jack!” I had tears running down my face but my eyes and voice were full of anger and my new wings kept opening and closing as if in warning.
    I knew I looked a horrible sight and nothing like the Queen that either of them had seen earlier.

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